We’re arriving in the Mid-West a day prior to QWERTYfest MKE (Tickets and Fundraising here) to perform at Chicago’s Co-Prosperity on June 20th at 7:00pm!

Joining us will be:

Neal Markowski is a composer/musician in Chicago. He’s performed/realized pieces of 20th/21st century electronic music through the US, in addition to playing in a dozen-or-so bands over the years.
Neal Markowski on Bandcamp
Neal Markowski on Instagram

Eliya Gwetta is a musician and producer based in Chicago.
Eylia Gwetta on Bandcamp

Co-Prosperity is located at:
3219 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Tickets available here: Eventbrite

As always, keep an eye on our socials or our Upcoming Shows page for new announcements.