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Mark Erdody Benefit – Middle East, Cambridge

We’ll be performing at the upcoming benefit show for Mark Erdody at the Middle East in Cambridge on Saturday, June 8th.

Mark was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November and he has been undergoing Chemotherapy every other week since then. Mark has been a staple in the Boston Rock scene since the late ’80’s and having a rock show benefit just makes sense. The afternoon show will be Rock bands and the evening show will be solo performances by some of Mark’s musical heroes playing a few songs from their back catalog. There may be a few surprise performers that the event planners are working on.

Tickets available at THIS LINK.

As always, keep an eye on our socials or our Upcoming Shows page for new announcements.

Floating Holiday

Here’s a clip from our latest practice space video: Floating Holiday. If a room full of gorillas were given floating holidays, would they type out Macbeth on a beach?

May your floating holidays be ever buoyant.

Selectric Funeral

Today we present to you “Selectric Funeral”: our entry for this year’s Tiny Desk Contest and our first piece to include an electric typewriter.

We’re hoping we won’t get the Bob Dylan treatment, but why don’t Judas have a listen and draw your own conclusions?

Left Blank

The boss had us reinvent the wheel, so we thought we’d kick the tire.

Here’s a new one we’re submitting to NPR Music for this year’s Tiny Desk Contest. It’s called “Left Blank.”

Seeing as we *only* play desk concerts, we think we’ve got a good shot.

Delegation: The Remixes

New Music Announcement!

Starting Tuesday September 14th and concluding on November 30th, we released a song a week from our new album “Delegation,” a collection of remixes of your favorite all-typewriter band from your favorite non-all-typewriter musicians. Guests include: Blood Wine or Honey, Sexparty, U People, Bob Nastanovich from Pavement, Brian Dewan, ZIZZA, Full of Hell, Jake Zavracky, among others.

Check us out on Bandcamp!

We are delighted to collaborate with these talented and diverse artists. The opportunity to recontextualize our music has not only deepened our love of these tracks, but expanded our own vision for future music. We are honored to share these tracks with you, and look forward to your support this fiscal quarter and beyond.

From the boardroom to the mailroom,

Our Type of Album

There really is not much repertory for a typewriter-based ensemble. Once you get past Leroy Anderson, the landscape is rather barren, adorned only by flourishes that are as non-musical as most uses of a theremin. So, needless to say it takes a while to add something significant to that, especially with a practice only once a week, and a random hope of remembering riffs if the recorder isn’t going full time. When we got enough ideas together, this time we booked a real studio to see if our magic could be captured.

The results are in and Workstation to Workstation is the record that we have been hoping to make for years. Thanks to the work of Converge’s Kurt Ballou we were able to capture the thump as well as the thwack of our machines, and the results sound as massive as we were hoping. It’s even bigger on vinyl with wide grooves giving plenty of space to those thumps. You can buy the vinyl, or a download, or an array of options on our bandcamp page.

Links? We’ve got ’em for ya:

Streaming Links for your service of choice:

Let’s Meet Up

Sometimes when we play shows we get stuck waiting for things to happen for far longer than our performances ever are. When we went to Chicago last year to open a benefit dinner for the American Writers Museum, we pulled a total “hurry-up-and-wait.” With our instruments set up, we were relegated to a Green Room in the Four Seasons, and while we were well catered, we didn’t have much of anything to do. What we did have were a bunch of phones and a song that we decided to make a video for….

We handed off the footage to George O’Connor, and he matched what we made to the audio from our recent sessions at God City with Kurt Ballou. More video ideas to come as we slowly release these songs through the course of 2020…